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How far in advance do we need to book our session?

The ideal advance time is the sooner the better!

What form of payments do you accept?

 We accept, checks (payable to Picture Us Photography), cash, credit cards, and PayPal.

Is there a time limit (minimum or maximum)?

Each child will have at most 10 minutes to get a few poses in. Your child must come ready.

Are parents allowed in the room of where the photo shoot will take place?

Absolutely no parents will be allowed in.  Please understand that the photographer and the assistant are professionals and will make sure your child looks their best. Outfit, hair and all!  There will also be teachers in the room with us to help with making sure of this as well.

Can we buy a master CD or download all the images to print on our own?


How many packages will be available?

Depending on the Dance studio needs.  There will be no less then 12 packages, variant in price and prints to fit all budgets.

Can the packages be mixed and matched?

You may purchase more than one package, however you may not “make your own”. Packages are set to fit all needs.  If you do not want a certain print that is included in the package, you may express so.  However the price will stay as is.

For siblings, can we get just one package?

You may choose to do one package for siblings; this option will only allow all the siblings to be in the pictures. There will not be any single shot for this.

Will there be dance classes the week of picture?

This is up to the Dance studio. Preferably not, but if the dance studio is large enough in space and needs to have class continue, that is fine.

Is there a teacher photo shoot available?

We would love to do the teachers photo shoot. This may include singles and group for each teacher for their portfolio.

Will we be notifies ahead if time for payments?

There will be a flier that will be posted with the packages 1 month in advance.  About one month before the photo shoot date, the payment sheets and order forms will be sent out.  All payments will be do two weeks prior the photo shoot date.  Late payments will not be processed.

What if my child gets sick that week?

There will be a makeup date set up, usually the Sunday following the week of the photo shoot.  If you purchase the package with a group shot and your child was not present for it, you have an option of having the photographer “Photoshop” your child in at additional cost.

How much does the dance studio have to cover for the set up of the photo shoot week event?

There are no costs to the studio for having the photography team come for the week to do the photo shoot.

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