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When you book with us, we will let the parents know when the photo week will be by using banners, flyers, and information from the dance teachers/studios. We then come to your dance studio or school, before the recital, graduation or final competition. By that time all costume modifications, hair, and make-up should be finalized and everyone should be prepared.

Our professionals will set up all the equipment (backdrops, lights, flashes, etc.). After that, during normal class schedules, the dance photographer will take pictures. All the parents will receive an order form in advance. Our goal is to make you happy and we have many interesting packages to choose from. We offer a variety of options and everyone will find exactly what they need and it will be within their budget. Our goal is to make everyone satisfied.

After all the dance pictures are taken, we will start working on touch up’s. We will make adjustments to make every kid look their best, prepare all photos for printing, and we will ship all the packages to the studio for parent pick up. We will do our best to ensure photos are received before summer so everyone can get their stunning pictures before the end of the school year.

(We also have a large selection of backgrounds, available upon request.)

Stan Petrovsky


15 years of experience, one of the top creative dance photographers and has a strong passion for dance photography.

Call us today and book before someone else takes your spot! Recitals are approaching soon, and everyone needs to capture each brilliant moment of their dancing child!


Stan Petrovskyi

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